Sponsorship Opportunities

Why Sponsor Florida PolyCon?

Previous years events have brought in upwards of 2,000 attendees from all over Florida ranging in age from infants all the way to fans in their 80s. A true diverse family-friendly event. We work hard to integrate advertising authentically into our event and to ensure your brand will resonate with attendees before, during, and after the con.

Whether you are a large company with a national reach or a local business ingrained into the Lakeland community, we have sponsorship packages and options for every budget.

Base Tiers

Specialty Tiers

Become a sponsor!

Please reach out to us via floridapolycon@floridapoly.edu with your company name, sponsorship tier, your prefered contact information 

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Sponsorship Tier
Specialty Tiers


All sponsorships can be given as either the straight monetary value or in assets whose value adds up to the total cost of the tier, however, value must be agreed upon by the Florida PolyCon board and the sponsor. These assets also must be deemed as needed by Florida PolyCon, and we reserve the right to deny assets for any reason. Any possible sponsor can be turned away for whatever reason and acceptance is at the discretion of Florida PolyCon.

Your loo will be place on the back of our Florida PolyCon 2024 merchandise shirt!

Your logo will be placed on our main advertising poster that gets sent around the state!

If you have a banner or a feather flag that you would like us to use you are more than welcome to send it over! If you do not, all you have to do is send us the design and we will get one printed for you!

If you choose to use a feather flag, those will be placed along the main walkway to the event buildings. If you choose a regular vinyl banner, those will be hung above the main building entrance, unless specified otherwise by a specialty tier. 

Your logo will be placed on the back of all of our volunteer shirts that get worn throughout the day by all of our event volunteers. 

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to email us at floridapolycon@floridapoly.edu!