Media Inquiries

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Florida PolyCon is standing by to assist with your inquiry. Please contact us directly for these and other inquiries relating to media coverage:

  • Background information about Florida PolyCon
  • Interview requests with Florida PolyCon spokespersons
  • Interview requests with Florida PolyCon guests and partners
  • Image and B-roll requests


Media accreditation and services are provided to media on assignment to cover Florida PolyCon to the public by the Florida PolyCon Executive Board. The number of available Press Passes is limited and not all requests may be approved. Notice of credential status will be email to applicants no later than one week prior to the event. Please be sure review the guidelines and FAQ for on-site media before applying.


Media Passes

All media staff members must be present to pick up their respective badges and must be worn on-site at all times. Press Passes are only evidence of your media accreditation and does not grant additional rights or privilege to access Guest or any particular area venue or event. All special requests must be made in advance to


Media are not permitted to approach Celebrity Talent or Managers on-site during the event without pre-approval by Florida PolyCon and the Guest. No unapproved or drive-by interviews with Celebrities or Special Guests. Celerity interviews may be requested but are not guaranteed. All requests must be submitted when applying.


When filming on the event floor and in panels, photographers and camera operations must be at least 6 feet away from any Celebrity Guest. You are required to stop filming if asked. Permission must be obtained for videotaping, filming or recording that is intended for commercial purposes. Camera crews are free to roam the event, but cannot set up equipment in a fixed manner without prior approval.

Events and Panels

Press Passes do not guarantee access to panels or ticketed events. Specially Ticketed Event access has to be pre-arranged for each event and time. Any special requests must be made in advance to


Who can apply for media credentials?

Florida PolyCon encourages media from all formats and locations who intend to cover the convention to apply for accreditation. 

How long is the application approval process?

Applications are typically reviewed within 2-4 weeks from the time the application is sent. The Florida PolyCon team will reach out to the email on the application. The team reviews each application carefully, please be patient.

How does the interview process work and can I interview a Celebrity Guest?

Interviews with Celebrity Guests are granted based on the availability of the Celebrity and if the Celebrity approved the interview. Interview are NOT guaranteed and times are limited. Requests should be pre-arranged and sent to

Is there a place to store equipment on-site?

There is no available space for personal storage and/or storage of equipment.  

Is there parking for media?

There is no designated parking for media. There is however a drop-off/pick-up location for personnel and equipment located at the north side of the IST Building.

If my staff member is planning to come later during the event, can I pick up there pass ahead of time?

No, each media staff member must be present to pick up their respective badges with valid photo ID.