Special Guests


Based in South Florida, Phenomen has been cosplaying for 7 years, within those years she has grown in her skills as a cosplayer. She is known for her talented makeup skills and fantastic cosplays that she puts together.


LunarNoir is a Central Florida cosplayer best known for their costumes among anime and manga. Since beginning their cosplay journey  in 2019, he has attended multiple Florida conventions. LunarNoir has hosted Fan Panels at conventions such as Metrocon and Holiday Matsuri. Their specialty lie with Wig styling and prop making


Taffy is a North Florida based cosplayer with almost a decade of costuming experience. Competing at conventions since early 2019 they’ve won several awards including Directors Choice at metrocon in 2021 and best wig at wasbicon in 2019. Specializing in pattern crafting and tailoring they are detail oriented designer, continuously growing their repertoire of cosplays and props.


Florida based cosplayer and twich steamer


Florida Based Cosplay artist with over 9 years of experience. Tampa con winner 2019.


William Papa is a content creator who is new to the cosplay scene. He is known for his success on Twitch and Tiktok and has brought his community closer to his interests in gaming and anime.


Ribaibu is a central Florida based cosplayer that originated from Ohio. In terms of crafting, she has a focus for wig styling and foam work, but she also has a passion to bring characters to life through photoshoots for each of her projects. In the 7 years that she has been cosplaying, she has done +200 cosplays — some of which have been recognized and shared by larger companies such as Funimation — and strives to find a unique way to portray each one.

Level One Cosplay

Level One Cosplay is a Florida-based cosplayer and has been cosplaying for 4 years. Level One travels to cons in FL and DC currently and has been a part of Fan Panels in Metrocon and Holiday Matsuri as well as placing as “Judge’s Choice” in Wasabicon’s Costume Contest in 2021. She specializes in wig styling and prop building. Her most recent build was Katuski Bakugou’s World Mission suit from My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission and will be building Foul Legacy Childe from Genshin Impact next.


nate nook Florida based Cosplay artist


Professional portrait photographer with a focus on cosplay with 3 years of experience. Nate has also crafted multiple cosplays throughout the last 8 years.

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